Cascade Sorte

Ph.D. University of California, Davis (2010)

M.A. University of California, Santa Barbara (2003)

B.A. Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA (1999)

Curriculum vitae


Current postdoctoral researchers

NyssaDivingCropNyssa Silbiger (2015-present)

Ecological buffering of changing climatic conditions by marine producers





Current graduate students

LaurenKayak_croppedLauren McQuinn (2014-present)

Age-dependent responses of marine invertebrates to climate change




Piper_croppedPiper Wallingford (2015-present)

Impacts of climate change on predator population dynamics and community interactions





Current undergraduate students

Our 3 wonderful undergraduate students graduated in June! We are currently looking for 2-3 new UCI undergraduates to join the lab in Fall 2016. Please email a CV/resume, unofficial transcripts, and description of research experience and interest if you would like to be considered for these positions. Positions typically fill before classes start.


Lab technician

Genevieve_croppedGenevieve Bernatchez (2014-present)

M.S. Northeastern University (2012)





Previous graduate students

Adam Fuller – M.S. Northeastern University (2008)

Impacts of heat waves on invasive dominance in a marine epibenthic community




Robyn Zerebecki – M.S. Northeastern University (2009)

Thermal tolerances of native versus invasive species in a marine epibenthic community




Marcy Cockrell – M.S. Northeastern University (2009)

Predicting population growth via stage-specific demographic modeling of non-native species in a marine epibenthic community




Previous undergraduate students

Savannah Todd – 199 student, UC-Irvine (2015-16) Variability in seawater characteristics over time and space on the Orange County coast; Distributions of predatory snails in the genus Nucella across latitudinal and intertidal gradients; Prey preference of the predatory whelk Nucella emarginata; Abundance of the non-native predatory whelk, Mexacanthina lugubris, and the native predatory whelk, Nucella emarginata, along the coast of southern California

Alyssa Medina – 199 student, UC-Irvine (2015-16) Thermal tolerance and possible invasion of the green mussel Perna viridis to Redondo Beach, California; Reproductive maturity of the California mussel Mytilus californianus across an intertidal gradient

Samer Khan – 199 student, UC-Irvine (2016) Analysis of temperature, pH, species distribution and dissolved oxygen in tide pools: insight in how primary producers might cope with climate change

Cai Kungeng – 199 student, UC-Irvine (2015) The interaction between climate change and sea star wasting disease

Betzy Alvizo – 199 student, UC-Irvine (2014-15) Seasonal changes in thermal tolerance and recruitment of the California mussel Mytilus californianus

Marcus Franklin – REU, CREST program, UMass-Boston (2013)

Carissa McKinney – REU, CREST program, UMass-Boston (2011)

Robert Spackman – REU, CREST program, UMass-Boston (2011)

Rachel Wong – Research Intern, NU Marine Science Center, MA (2010)

Jasmina Cerda – REU, UCD Bodega Marine Lab, CA (2009)

Omar Bonilla – REU, UCD Bodega Marine Lab, CA (2007)

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